Burnt Ridge hare scramble anyone ever do it?


Was thinking about doing it this year. Does anyone have some feedback about it?

Awesome race. Has woods, grass track and moto that is fun for the novice or the expert. The guys who put on the race are very organized as well and are all racers. I highly suggest attending!

I just ran my first Team Tortise Race this weekend at Riverdale (and my first Hare Scramble for that matter). If that event is any indication of what Burnt Ridge will be like, which I am certain it is, it was first class! The layout was both moto and trial friendly (did not seem to favor either one), the promotors were awesome (actually shook the hands of every single rider on the starting line and thanked them for coming...I have NEVER seen a promotor do anything like that before...awesome!), they have a high trophy pay out for the amatuers (top 5 where most promotors only go to top 3), they were on time and professional... all in all, awesome event. Just make sure you are in good shape... I was in second in the Vet C glass for the first lap but quickly realized that I wasnt even close to be conditioned enough to run at that pace for 1.5 hours! I will definitely be at Burnt Ridge...and hopefully in a little better shape!~

that is the one that was the most fun for me not that all of them are not fun but burnt ridge is aewsome see ya there

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