Timing - 1 tooth off?

So, I'm just finishing up my first top end job. So far so good.

I do have a question on timing though. I set the flywheel to the TDC mark, and when I look at the marks on the cams, the intake cam looks right on (1 dot flush with the outside edge of the head, and 1 dot straight up). The exhaust cam looks so close (1 dot flush with outside edge of the head and 1 dot up). The only thing I question is I can't tell if the exhaust cam is 1 tooth off or not.

I'm wondering what the implications are if the exhaust cam is 1 tooth off? I'm not even sure if it is 1 tooth off...I think I spent so much time looking at it, my eyes are starting to play tricks on me. I'm wondering if I should tear it down again, try to adjust it 1 tooth, and see how it looks?

Any thoughts?


I would check and see if there are 12 pins in the cam chain between the straight up dots.

When i did mine i remember it not being perfectly in line with the head but it was all on time.

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