Picked up a 400 project bike......need help

Just picked up another guys abandoned project on the cheap. It's a '95 400 RXC. I was googling, and actually found his thread on here :thumbsup:http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-738713.html

Anyways, when i got it, he had sold off both wheels and the rear shock, so I have a bike with no seat, no wheels, and no shock. First goal is to get it rideable. no intentions to make it street legal again right away, so it'll get dirt tires.

What i really need help with is wheels. Whats the cheapest option out there? any good sources for used parts? are there any "generic" wheels i can pick up, or will wheels from any other model/brand bikes work? What size am i looking for? what diameter would be cheapest?

i'm a casual rider, and am building this on a college budget so the cheaper the better. and i'm very mechanically inclined, but new to working on bikes. I'm here to learn so if there are any good writeups or pages with good info on this please point me there and i'd love to read up.

thanks in advance

edit: also, are there any other years/models that mine will interchange parts with?

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