95 DR350SE Died

My buddy and I were out riding in the backwoods for a couple of hours, having fun, bouncing around, splashing through creeks. Anyhoo, we are riding back, I go through a tough section, then shut her down to go back and chat with my buddy. After a couple of minutes, I come back and try to start it. No luck. It turned over just fine. Lots of gas. Petcock AOK. Try multiple times, no luck. It doesn't even catch at all.

So I turn off the ignition, turn it back on, fires right up. RIde it down the trail, its AOK.

Looking at the diagram it could only be the CDI unit, coil o the plug. It could also be connections. Other ideas? I suppose I might have to wait for it to fail 100% before trying to really figure out what it is... *sigh*

Maybe your ignition switch or a bad connection in the harness?

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