wont run with choke off

so my buddies bike starts and runs with choke on but as soon as you turn choke off the bike dies. it will run for a few seconds on half choke but eventually dies. I took the carb apart and cleaned everything and it make no difference. I was assuming the pilot jet was clogged. When i got into it the jet appeared to be clogged but i just blew it out and reinstalled it. Is there anything else that could cause this?

what bike? what carb?

cleaning a clogged pilot jet is seldom successful in the long run.you're much better off replacing it with a new one.they're only~$5 ish.

Fuel coming out of the petcock ...( if mikuni carb check on prime)

drz 400s it has the mikuni. there just isnt anyone local that carries the pilot jet so i figured id ask what the chances were it was something else

Put in a new pilot jet. Admonish your friend for letting his bike sit without fuel stabilizer.

vacuum line connected to the petcock?

I had the same issue when I bought my bike. The guy had just come back from deployment and the gas varniished in the carb. I tore it apart and cleaned the jets, now I can apply throttle without it dying but I still have to run with the choke on. Jet kit is on its way to correct the problem, your best bet too.

his bike is jetted already but the numbers didnt seem quite right to me. he has the yosh rs3 pipe and 3x3 done. it has the dyno jet needle on the 4th clip, 25 pilot, 140 main, screw set at 1.25 turns. bike alway ran decent yet i wasnt riding it. Yes the vaccum line is hooked up.

seems to me the main should be closer to a 145 if i remember correctly, also seems the screw could use to be turned out a bit. elevation we ride is 500-3000 feet 50-90 deg.

when was the last air filter cleaning?

Is the fuel tank filter clogged, carb mainfolds tight and not cracked?

i dont know when the air filter was cleaned. its a foam filter and looked clean to me. I have no idea how to even check the fuel tank filter...on the petcock? and im assuming by manifold your talking about the boots? yes they are tight and no visible cracking

Yes, pull the petcock. The filter is part of it.

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