FCR MX Hitting Frame (FCR thread number 203856778)

I really am coming up blank on finding threads on fitment issues of FCR MX (ala crf450, kx450, etc) on an XR600.

Its not horrible but it seems like the casting on the body that surrounds/shrouds the throttle that the plastic cover slips over needs to be ground down.

Its not a big deal, but I'm just surprised that I haven't run across threads about the carb hitting the frame. I started filing it a bit today, and suppose I'll go to town on it tomorrow.

Just kind of want to confirm that I'm not living in an alternate universe where I'm the only one who's FCR hits their frame.

Thanks guys!

Mine hits, but not badly. I just filed the plastic cover and run the carb on a very slight angle.

I had BTRmoto.com make me a new manifold (tig welded aluminum) at a slightly different angle, looks badass too :thumbsup:

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