Forks: damper(?) rod not pushing out


Putting new fork seals in, one fork goes perfectly. When pulling apart the other one I noticed the damper(?) would get sucked in instead of being pushed outwards. I figured it leaked air or something so I continue to it apart I put new oil in, pump it up and down to bleed out the air, put the valve back on the top and see if the rod gets pushed back out but when I push the rod in oil come out of the bleeder holes and the rod just gets sucked back in. What do I have to replace? O-rings? I do have motion pro air bleeder on it if that has anything to do with it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I think you'll have better luck posting this in the suspension forum.

Hmm, didnt even think about that. will do thanks.

i had a similar problem.

Ended up being the inner seal of the inner chamber top cap piston. (the inner seal of the floating piston of the inner chamber cap... the thing with two teflon bushings and a big oring above the shim stack)

what happens is the oil seeps out of that seal and will make it to where the rod doesnt get pushed back out.

Unfortunately you cant by that seal OEM. you gotta contact a suspension place... gosh i forgot who i called up... it was some big name aftermarket suspension place... seals were like 15 bucks a piece.

I know Race-tech has them.

is that called the "ICS seal?"

Yes i do believe it's called the Inner chamber seal and bushing.(ICS) If they are worn the rebound goes away when the oil leaves that upper chamber. Then the forks clank when they top out.

Anymore, i check the oil level in the top of the fork before i replace seals on the dual chamber showas.

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