rear axel nut keeps coming loose

it has happened 3 times and luckly i caught it before it fell off but im not sure why its doing it. I tighten the nut good but maybe the axle is going through the wrong way im not sure.

Axle goes through from left to right. Do you have greese on your threads? If so.. maybe cleean them and put some lock tight blue.

When you tighten the nut can you feel it seat and then start getting tight, like it is metal on metal? If it feels kind of squishe or spring as it tightens you may be missing the spacer between the bearings or have the wrong axel spacer in there. You want oil on the axel and threads so that it will come back out a year from now. the stock axel nut is a self locking nut, should no be backing off or need locktite.

i have both the spacers in there and the axle was going though the right way and the factory self locking nut is what im useing

replace the axle nut.

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