baja motorspors 250cc atv not starting

Ok, I just bought the atv and the guy said the only issue is a dead battery. Well I have placed a new battery in the atv, cleaned out the carbs, new spark plug and I am not getting any spark. I check the end of the spark plug wire and I am only getting 2.78 ac volts. How many should I volts should be coming out of the spark plug wire? what else should I be checking?

Plug wire normally delivers thousands(lots of variation due to coil size) of VDC to the plug. Try measuring with a normal meter and you'll likely blow it. A more common check is to insert a screwdriver into the plug cap and hold it (the metal shaft of the tool) close to the frame of the vehicle while cranking(or kicking) and look for a nice blue or white spark jumping the gap. You can also pull the plug from the head, connect the plug wire to it, then hold the plug ground(the threads) to the fram and crank the motor and look at the spark jumping the gap.

Im PRETTY sure that it should be at least 5 ac volts.

Get new parts at Great prices!:smirk:

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