graphics question must answer

whats up my fellow TTers. I have a quick question someone might know. I have an 01 and someone said they put an 03-05 graphics kit on an 01 like mine. I just want to know if this is true because I hate all the kits for 01 and 02 and im about to buy this kit but not sure

heres the link im talking about

I think I've heard of guys making them fit but you may have to trim them with a razor to make them perfect

Any can fit but the tank and shrouds are so different you will have to cut alot off. Just better to go with the older graphics

im ok with cutting and making do i just dont want to not have enough to cover the whole thing.

I'd get some made up using an 01 kit as a template and have whatever design and lettering you want on it:thumbsup:

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