Got the 144 straightened out!

Bought an 06 yz 144 last october and took it up to alto [texas]for the halloween

ride,ran great but the carb was dumping a little fuel.

Then i took it up to sam houston national park for some good old single track bike ran strong but when we were finish up i noticed the fuel was poring out like i tore it down last week checked the piston,compression everything getting it ready for this season,cleaned carb adjusted float,and found a few things.

It has the Eric Gorr 144 kit with a new piston and rings also ported ,the carb was bored out and polished,and the head was cleaned up [shaved].Also had the wrong spark plug in it.

I put the correct plug[according to Eric Gorr].Fired her up and went for a quick ride in the field behind the house.

Dam i could hardly hold on this thing is like a totally different bike!

I should have done the checking when i first bought it but im glad i got it done,this bike is crazy.

So I assume your float level was incorrect? Spark plug shouldn't have an effect on fuel pouring out your overflow. =]

Yes as stated above it was the float level.

The plugg was just one of the few other problems.

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