Protective gear

What discipline do you ride and what protective gear do you use?


Boots, tall socks, knee/thigh compression short things, asterisk knee braces, more compression shorts, underwear, over the boot pants, tuck in white shirt, gloves, kidney belt, jersey, elbow pads, chest protector/roost guard, neck brace, no helmet tho :thumbsup:

haha jk. helmet is required.

Ride trailst :thumbsup::

I go with a simple load out: Helmet, goggles, jersey, underarmor, gloves, pants, and boots. Thinking of getting a roost deflector, but i heard its just for deflecting roost (lol) and doesnt do much when i fall on my torso

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Dual-sport, mostly. Same bike gets me to/from work every day, gets me on mountain singletrack, and most everything inbetween.

What I'm wearing depends on what/how I'm riding, weather, what I feel like, etc. I've got a closet full of gear I can pick and choose from (it's kinda ridiculous, really).

Commuting to/from work? Dualsport helmet (MX lid if it's nice out), sunglasses, Fieldsheer Adventure jacket, jeans, and work boots. This is the least amount of gear I wear; my personal minimum if I'm going any further than the mailbox.

Next step up is adding knee protection... I'll slip a cheap pair of knee guards on under my jeans if i'm heading out for dinner or something. Since my crash (cheap knee guard moved, scraped up my knee pretty good) I've been gearing up a little more for the "short trips" around town. Thor Force knee guards, Klim Revolt over-the-boot pants, and my moto boots (Thor Quadrant ATV-sole) are pretty standard for me anymore.

On dirt I swap out the jacket for a tekvest, have both the Freestyle with shoulder pads that's better for warm days, and the snocross race vest that's much warmer, but also much more protective. If it's rainy/wet or I'm going on a longer (multi-day) DS ride, I've been known to pull the shoulders/back armor out of the jacket and wear a tekvest underneath. Also wear a bright orange MX helmet, and either 509 tinted goggles (for snowmobiling, good for reducing glare (and for snowmobiling)), Habervision dirt goggles, or sunglasses (~$15 safety glasses, clear for night and tinted/mirrored for the day). Got a pair of Tekrider (same mfgr as the tekvest) armored shorts under my pants. On my elbows I've got a pair of paintball elbow pads, not nearly as bulky as the moto pads are while still adding protection against terra firma and comfortable enough to wear all day.

Gloves, all-around, are Scorpion Exo mesh streetbike gloves. I've been real happy with these on the moto and snowmobile. About $35 at the dealer I pass on my way home from work.

Had a 661 pressure suit, can't wear it. Way uncomfortable, rides up, doesn't work with my pack, just doesn't fit right. Couldn't get rid of that soon enough.

Have a plastic MX roost guard/chest protector (old Fox one, not sure of the model). It's saved me from some decent hits, but given the choice between that or the comfort/protection of the tekvest, it's not a tough decision to make.

I wear orange, not just because I ride orange but also because visibility is a good thing. A minimum area of orange is required in snocross racing, helmet and vest/jacket/upper body. Since most of the gear I wear is for SX, most of my gear is orange. Stands out better in the trees. I'm not a big fan of hi-viz gear, but some viz is way better than black.

I can honestly say I probably wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for body armor, so it's something I take pretty seriously.

Tech 8's, Thor Force knee guards, Alpinestars freeride shorts, Aplinestars Bionic II under-protection, Fox V3 helmet, and gloves...

Desert riding, mountain riding, track riding, dune riding...

Ahh cheers guys, I mainly ride enduro trails and I'm gonna get a heap more gear soon, I only wear boots, MX pants, jersey, helmet, gloves, goggles. How much does your kit set you back?

It's very expensive gear, I'd hate to have to purchase it all at once...But for the most part, guys that have gear like mine are guys that get one thing at a time that slowly replaces the last stuff they had...Sounds like you have most of what you need, but pick up some knee protection and a chest protector...and consider elbow guards...

How much does your kit set you back?

:smirk: I don't even wanna think about how much money i've got invested in all the gear i've got around here. :smirk:


thor socks, thor force knee guards, performax compression shorts, sometimes kidney belt, sometimes elbow guards, gloves, oneal mayhem gear set & thor phase gear set. fox roost guard, leatt brace, vz goggles, helmet, and fox boots.

Ride trails.

In the order I put them on: Thor knee guards, mx pants, mx boots, underarmor heat gear shirt, Alpinestars SB x straps, mx shirt, Thor elbow pads, Alpinestars A-10 chest protector, Alpinestars SB neck brace, helmet, goggles, gloves.

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