1980 something 200...

My buddy wants to hit the trails with me this year but he is really short on funds. He's got a friend that has a "1980's KTM 200 2-stroke" that he is willing to give him. Apparently, the only problem with it is the cylinder needs to be re-nikasil'd. He says he has lots of spare parts, like a extra tank, panels, the frame has just been re-painted, and he even has a new piston for it.

I told him that if he got the bike, I'd help him fix it and pay for all the parts, then he could pay me back later and we could ride ASAP.

The problem is I'm a 4t guy and I don't know much about 2t's Is there something I should be looking for? It seems kind of hard to go wrong if it is FREE, but there might be other things wrong with it. I'm always skeptical of a free lunch:bonk:

We're probably going to go look at it and maybe pick it up tomorrow, should I take the bait or run away with my hands in the air screaming?


it's free likely because it will cost more to get it going than its worth.

it is almost vintage though and could make a neat bike once done.

I would like to see some pics. :thumbsup:

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