CRF450 supermotard

I have a 2006 crf450 and am turing it into a supermoatrd bike,but our tarcks here in New Zealand are full on road race tracks all top end power and was wanting to know what sort of cam,ingtion and pipe to run on it that will make the best top end power and what other motor mods and mods in general that can be done for more hp??

Any help would be great


More compression and a larger cam other than that you can't squeeze much more power out of the 450, shouldn't need much more

tuned head...high comp piston...stage three cam....good aftermarket exhaust

could even upgrade cooling system with a boyesen waterpump kit and larger capacity radiators.... depends what you budget is really.....

Swt thanks,Looking at a Webb Cam 208/921 Grind,Wen it says you need to get Larger Diameter Followers Wat is this?? and Performance Valve Spring Kit can you use kibblewhite spring kit??and can you use this cam and Spring kit with standard oem Valves or do you have to get different ones??

Any help would be great


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