Me and my new KLX 250 S9 EFI

Please allow me to introduce myself and my new ride .

My name is Marcel , I currently reside in Spain , I used to live in Ft. Lauderdale FL . I am a ASE certified mechanic .

Oh , and I like toys , Kawasaki´s toys . I have two of them : A ZZR 600 ( ZX600 ) from 91 and a month old KLX 250 . I am in my fourty´s now , I used to " borrow " my grandpa´s bike since I was 14 .

This is me :


And this is my new toy :


nice ride... and EFI wow...

Thank you , the fuel injected is easier to mantain ( and mod ) . But it,s more of an electronics aproach to everything ...

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