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KLX250 with ZX7 lights switch Marcelino mod

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For DIY people who need a functional and esteticaly pleasing lights switch on the KLX 250.


Necesary materials :

Right side switch assy , I used a 2000 ZX7 one ( it has exactly the same styling ) , could work with a ZX 750 one or some others that have more or less the same style .

Soldering iron ,solder , copper wire and heat-shrink tubing .

Unmount the seat , plastic side covers , plastic radiator covers , fuel tank , speedo front cover ( mmm, windshield ... ) , headlight and right side switch assembly .

The lights fuse has two wires : brown , power supply with the key on ; red , voltaje output toward all the lights on the bike .


Take off the 3-4 inches of the protection that belongs to the lights fuse , cut the red wire , insulate ( heat shrink ) the part that´s going to the harness .

Solder a wire ( same gauge ) to the red wire that´s comig out of the fuse and route it toward the back of the headlight . Use the same route as the factory harness . Use plastic protection tube for the wire , same kind with the bike´s original , you can open and pass some of it trough the big one that pases on the right side of the stem . Use the bike´s plastic tiewraps ( they have a little latch that opens them ) , add some of your own if you feel is necessary .



The ZX7 lights switch is a double switch , has two pairs of wires : a red pair and a blue pair . The red pair corresponds to positions and the blue one is headlight . The left side dimmer switch ( HI/LOW beam ) has 3 wires : red , headlight power supply ; red/black , output for Hi beam ; red/yellow , output for low beam . Do not mix the RED with the red/black and the red/yellow wires .



At some 12-14 inches out from the left handlebar switch cut ( with a cutter ) ONLY the the plastic protection , then look for the RED wire and cut it .

You will have to solder as follows :

The wire that´s coming from the lights fuse to one of the reds that´s coming from the right side switch .

The other red wire (it´s pair) together with one of the blues soldered to the red wire that you cut on the left side , to the piece that´s going towards the back of the bike . ( 3 wires together )

The blue that´s left to the red wire going in to the dimmer switch ( left switch )

It does not matter wich red respectively wich blue you choose from the pairs coming out of the right side switch.

Put the original engine start and emergency engine stop in the new body ( 3 philips screws ) .

Solder , do not use " quick connectors " , use heat shrink not tape , use plastic protections on top of the wires , don´t let them rub . Fix the protections with tape .


It may be a good idea to draw yourelf a little diagram , just to check yourself if you have understood the modifications .

If you don´t know where the fuses are , what is heat-shrink or how to draw a basic diagram with 2 switches and 4 wires PLEASE do not atempt this mod .

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You´re welcome , if you have additional cuestions you´re welcome to ask .

I have a few other mod up my sleve but they´re a little more dificult .

Will post them later , for now :

I believe everybody is entitled to a light switch on their 5 grand bike .

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