Too much oil, now really milky help pls???

Long story short i'm an idiot (at least I can admit it). My first oild change on a DRZ, did plenty on my KTM. I drained the sump and not the frame, then filled it with the 1.7l of oil it is supposed to have (so 3.4l give or take). I rode the bike for about 90kms (to-from work etc) then noticed oil splatters everywhere up the side of the bike and the engine was covered in oil. I checked the oil level and it was waay overfull and it was pretty milky. I have obviously done some damage but I would like some guidence on where to look, would it be a head gasket or the water pump seal? would there be further internal damage or just a case of replacing a seal and a gasket?

Any help is greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:

Over filled on oil will not cause it to get milky. Just make a mess like you discovered.

First, drain the oil, refill it with the correct amount, Do the frame and the engine this time. Do a new filter too. Check the coolant level. If it is low, top it off, ensuring you bleed the air from the two bleed points. Ride the bike, let it cool, recheck the coolant level. If it has gone down, you may have a head gasket issue. Next step would be to have a leak down tst down and checking the radiator during it for bubbles.

Was this a new bike or used?

I can't predict what damage will have been done, but the first thing you need to do is to drain the oil and refill with correct amount. Run it for a while (5 mins) and check level. Run it for another 10 mins or so and check colour for water contamination. If it looks good, take it for a good ride, keeping an eye on the oil.

You may not have damage and there is no point tearing it apart until you know for sure that you do. Over-filled oil will flush stuff out of nooks and crannies that don't normally see oil (canister, airbox, top/back of tranny) and the contamination you saw may be that stuff.

oops!!=William beat me to it-guess I spent too much time editing typos :thumbsup:

mine was overfilled when i got my bike,rode it for like 400 miles and then realised that the plums at the shop that sold me it had over done it,drained it to the correct level and its been ok so far.....spose i have been lucky..

havent had any milkyness???

The milkyness will just be condensation. Used to get it often on my buell when only riding it short distances

Maybe a water pump seal if the problem continues after an oil change

Probably just foam from being whipped up by the crank. Drain and refill and it will be fine. Makes a hellva mess doesn't it.

hell yes it makes a mess. I couldn't believe how much the engine and all the components were covered. I'll change the oil (draining both the frame and the sump this time) and see how it goes. Thanks all for your guidance.

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