2007 450 sx-f gearing

Hello TT Members,

Just wonder what gearing you recommend with the 450 sx-f, 4 speed. I ride off road and trail mostly, mx occasionally.

Any help would be great!


Someone has to have geared one of these bikes before?

14/53 ! For MX that is ..:smirk:

Sand ? Hard track ? Do you use the same gearing ?:ride:

I recently bought one and am a C rider doing mainly harescrambles. I played with it for a few weeks, but what I have found works for me is one down in the front and two up on the back. I also installed the mapping bar mount switch which makes a ton of difference. I think for next year I am going to leave the front at one down and go to one up on the rear, as the last couple of races I have found myself looking for a fifth gear in field sections.

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