2005 with a 2004 trans, won't shift

I install a complete 2004 trans in my 2005, all gear with shift fork. The engine shift well on the desk, but when I close it finally and install it in the bike, it stay in a gear...

Someone have an idea where the trouble should be ?

I completely dissembly and found nothing, reassembly and the same thing happen again

so it will shift with the with the cases together but not after the side cover is on?

With the crankcase bolt it will shift, unfortunately i won't try it with the case cover before the engine was in the bike frame...

I add the picture of the shift pawl, some tell me about this one


not sure what you want to know about it it works like a ratchet and I assume you have the other pieces for it the "dogs" for the other side of it? when I put that in I use a rubber band around it to hold it together and pull it off after its inside the shift drum.

Just to be sure it's not my trouble. The pin and plate is place the good way ??

With the cases bolted together can you rotate the shift drum by hand without the shifter ratchet?

If the trans is locking up with the cases bolted together something has a washer in the wrong place or is inverted on a shaft or something.

Does the counter shaft or main shaft still turn with the cases bolted together?

Simply saying "it doesn't shift" when the cases are together doesn't give us much to go on.

It isnt rocket science but its gotta be assembled correctly too...

You may have to turn the counter shaft or the main shaft to shift the trans to line up the gear dogs.

Need to narrow down the possible issues...

I can shift with the lever when the case is bolted. I make it go all the way to the 5th and return to 1st. So i rebolt the rest, and didn't try it until the bike return in the frame.

But I inspect on Hondaeasttoledo, the picture of the whole assembly is better than the service manual, I thought I switch 2 washer on the Countershaft 1st gear

Double post sorry

Is your shift shaft binding when you install the right cover? On some 1980's hondas the case gasket needs to be a specific thickness. If it is not the casting in the cover will push against the shift shaft and cause it to bind. Maybe there is something in that area that is causing your problem.

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