surfacing shock piston

I had FC revalve my suspension a few years ago and didnt like it so I had the smart performance setup put in by Shocdoc.He said that Fc surfaced the piston and that was a big no no.I had to buy a new piston so he could install it.He sent me back the old 1 and I could see what he was talking about.Why would FC do that?

it's a old idea that pistons should be flat to ensure the shims sit flat against the piston , however most don't realise they are dished for a reason to add a bit of preload on the stack

I did not know that. Good info!

That is kind of what shocdoc said.What kind of adverse affects does that do to the shocks performance.I have been having a problem swapping in the whoops and he said that the piston not having the surface dished out is what is causing the swapping issues.

it will allow the shims to lift of the piston a little too early in the damping curve , how bad that is, is hard to say

cool thanks

I just finished read the Race-tech suspension bible. They show how you make your pistons flat. Hmmm what is right and wrong. Do FC and Race-tech wrong or...

Or does it really matter ?

kyb and showa don't make them flat, they could , it does make a difference

kyb and showa don't make them flat, they could...
Never mind the fact that it would be far easier to make them flat than with a slight dish.

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