Bad Stator?

My bike has been siting in the garage for about a week. I went out today and it started right up and everything seemed fine. While it was idling I noticed that the rear running light and the speedometer was not on. When I shut the bike off they momentarily flickered before the bike died. I then tried to start the bike again and it would not start. I tried and tried to get it to go on the button and no luck.( This thing fires after about 3 revolutions every time) I kicked it several times and I finally got it to run. It did not want to idle very well so I kept it running with an elevated idle ( opened the throttle a little). After about 30 seconds it finally idled by its self. Again, usually the bike idles great. After messing around a little bit, I realized that I can get the rear light and speedometer to turn on if I rev the bike quite high but they both turn off as soon as the engine speed drops. I am thinking that it has to be a bad stator but I was wondering if anyone else had any other ideas? I am going to check the output soon and I will posted the results here. I did check the resistance on all three legs and they were as follows:

Yellow to Ground...........Normal 1.6-2.3...............My Reading 2.7

White to Red.................Normal 20-50.................My Reading 39.5

Blue to Ground..............Normal 1.3-2..................My Reading 2.4

The yellow and blue legs are technically a little high but they are so close that I almost question how accurate my meter is since it is just a harbor freight special.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I'm almost sure you have water/moisture in one of your electrical connectors. Disconnect all connection [especially ones exposed to water] and dry and pack with dielectric grease. Oh, and don't ever use a pressure washer! very bad!:thumbsup:

This morning I went out to the garage and thought that I would just start it and see what happens. It started as normal and the light and gauge came on:banana:. I had the main stator connector unhooked all night and I hooked it back up this morning. there must have been some moisture in the connector. Rome06379 thanks for the advice.:thumbsup: Now it's time to go for a ride :confused:

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