Fuel Guzzler

So today I had to switch my 220 to reserve at 43 miles I don't believe this is normal because i don't think its always done it but what do you guys think?

Is it leaking fuel?

I would see with the fuel on if it is dribbling fuel out, possibility of the needle/seat being worn with a 'groove in the tip'.

I think it might be. When its sitting in the garage with the fuel on it doesn't leak but if I take it out for a little run like a mile or so when I park it one of the hoses is wet at the bottom. I'll post pics of the needle ASAP.

I had the same issue with my 200. It never leaked in the garage or when parked for a rest break on the trail, but I'd barely get 30 miles on a full tank. My son finally noticed and smelled leaking fuel coming out of the carb vent hoses when following me.

My solution was a new carb float valve and float adjustment per the service manual. Now I'm getting 60-80 miles per tank depending on how we're riding. Be aware though, that tiny little float valve is very expensive. I could only find oem and it was around 35 bucks if I remember correctly.

Yeah trackster thats pretty much the same thing thats happening here and here are the picture i threw in some extras just in case (unnecessary) the float valve doesn't look grooved




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