Powder Coating Prices

How does everyone get such good prices on powder coating? I have heard of people getting some done for like 20-50 bucks. I checked in at several places and for just my frame its 150 dollars. Is it just about who all you know and having hook ups?

Also do I need to do anything to like my hubs or anything other than taking out the spokes. And do I need to replace wheel bearings after its done?

Thats a good price. I had my 01 yz125 frame powdercoated for $175 for just the frame and not the subframe. I was also quoted $80 for hubs and triple clamps.

it is 95 for hoops at my local shop and he quoted 160 for the frame.

O ok. Well maybe its not that bad. I just know I have heard of people getting a bunch of stuff done for like 50 bucks cause they had a bunch of stuff thats the same colors. Idk I was wanting to do a bunch of junk for my bike but if i'm not gonna keep it long like I do with most bikes its gonna be a waste of money.

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