Extended range fuel tanks and wipe-outs

Hey team,

I've had my share of minor slips, slide-outs and such but on my first trip to the Rocky's I had a pretty good spill on a downhill sandy trail. My front right air deflector snapped off... actually it was hangin on by a bolt. Has anyone had spills/wipe-out's on their bikes with an extended range fuel tank install? How did it fare?

I recall watchin the Long Way Round guys do their Dakar run and smashed an extended range tank on a wipe-out.



i have a 4.4(i think) ims on my 600 and have had some pretty spectacular crashes and never had any prob's with the tank. now on my 650r and the 5.8 acerbis tanker. If that had a full tank, i wouldnt be surprised if that broke something in a big crash. Either way i wouldn't let it stop me from getting a big tank if thats what i needed/wanted. chances are if your in a crash bad enough to damage one of these tanks, your hospital bill is gonna be more than the bike's worth.

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