Where can I send my EFi to have hard map installed?

Funds are tight - can not afford turner - but I want to install hard terrian map so I can back this thing down a little. I need to be on top of my game and in shape to right it hard for more than 5 laps - so I am getting in shape and messing with the EFi. Any ideas?:thumbsup:

Local kawi dealer said they could do it for about $85.( I want to go other direction ) But I haven't done it yet. I just don't want to pay again if I don't like it( or if it's too much )

You could send it to me and I'll put whatever map you want on it for $50. If you don't like it, I can change to something else.

Personally, I'm an ok 'B' rider and like the Advanced Timing Map on my '09 KX450.

Funds are tight - can not afford turner - but I want to install hard terrian map so I can back this thing down a little. I need to be on top of my game and in shape to right it hard for more than 5 laps - so I am getting in shape and messing with the EFi. Any ideas?:smirk:

What kind of pipe are you running? An easy way to tame down the power is

to put the quiet insert in if you are running an aftermarket pipe.

Update - Called Pro Circuit and asked them if they could re-program it - They said No Problem and it will cost $50. - so I sent it to them. They called back and asked me extactly what type of map I wanted - told me it would take a day and would send it out - then they send it back with nothng done and no explaination (no charges either) - Now what? Kinda weird considering it was PC.

deal Pellett22 is sounding better and better. :ride: i'm kind of in the same boat as i want the hard map for trail riding.

I have a programmer and can do it. I'm in Appleton Wisconsin (just south of Green Bay) so anyone out there that is not to far away, bring it on over. $50 seems fair.

I have a question though, you said you sent something in, how is that? I only know how to do it with the whole bike there.

Send it here tokyomods.com I was planning on sending mine in until I added a tooth in the back and put a Throttle Tamer on now all is good. Revalve helped also.

I've been wanting to get mine done. Noone around my area does it. I'd like to get mine set into the advanced setting.

Kawi Rider - Check with Randy Mann @ FastMann Racing.

Ive been spending some time on the dyno with the new kx's....

The maps from kawi are pretty much generic - aka they just added 3 degrees timing across the board or took 3 degrees away across the board for hard or soft terrain maps.

With proper fuel mapping - the bike picks up quite a bit of power...but the most important thing I have found mapping it at the track is putting the correct setting where the rider wants it. You can literally tune any aspect of RPM and throttle position with both fuel and throttle position - so you can give it a soft character down low at any throttle position that builds and gets faster the more it revs - or opposite - or really smooth power at lower throttle openings but as the throttle turns more you bring back the power...etc etc.

The majority of people I have tuned for from pro to beginner prefer it slower at early throttle openings - and then everything you can give it at later throttle openings..

Another aspect that people dont realize is it can be mapped for perfect air/fuel at high rpm all the way to the rev limit (well not quite the stock software cuts tuning off a little early) but doin so makes the engine feel like it revs out really fast - because it's pulls through the rpm up to the limiter. So if you taper the power a little bit at the end - it feels like it revs forever comparatively.

I am very hesitant on the kx to add too much timing with pump gas. They are already prone to detonation...and more timing makes it worse. Now - if you are running race fuel - some fuels almost NEED mapping to even start correctly/easily...

Mine is on the way to TN (State Championships @ Muddy Creek) to be mapped by Kawasaki. Don't have as much time as I'd like on the bike to compare but hope to see a difference trail riding. I'll update when I get it back next week.

Ok Guys - just got back from my first ride with the "Hard Surface" map and I am So Much happier with this setting - even in the loam I was riding in today.

Get this mod done now!

I have owned 5 other 450's in the past 4 years ('08 RMZ, '07 KXF, '09 CRF, '07 CRF, '10 YZF) and this one now has the powerband I love.

Kinda reminds me of the '08 CRF 450. Excellent motor.

I used to be able to ride 100% for about 3-4 laps with the stock setting - then made mistakes - now I have more hook-up and less mistakes.

Much more trackable.

The best $50. I have ever spent in MX.

btw- my 2010 KXF 450 is for sale 4K.

Vet B/C 200 lbs. racing since 1985.

great to hear that! i'm psyched to get my computer back and take her for a ride!

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