CRF150F or CR85?

Hi guys. This is my 1st post here.

Anyway, i am looking to buy a new bike, either a CRF150, or a CR85. I was wondering whati should get? I ride mostly trails and jump, and i LOVE too wheelie. Will the 150F have WAY more power thn my current 80F? I am leaning towards a CR85 but i am worried because i have heard that riding trails can foul the spark plugs and you have to rebuild the engines lots. Is this true? I don't jump very big, but i may when i pick up one of these beaut's :thumbsup:

I could also get a CRF150R. This would be the best of both worlds. But would it have too much power for me? I've never raced, had a bike for the last 5 years but haven't rode it to much, it the biggest bike i have ever ridden is a XR70 and a CRF80...

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Adding the CRF150R option.

how tall are you and what do you weigh?

the crf150f is really nice, but heavy.


The crf150f will be kinda hard to wheelie but good for trails and okay for small jumps.

THe crf150r will be great for jumps and wheelies but theyre expensive and theres lots of maintenence. be warned. Not sure about trails.

The cr85 will be like the 150r but its a two stroke and they are a blast to ride. Less maintence.

So i think your best bet is the crf150f.

and also look at the suzuki rm 85. they have a powervalve. THeyre not supposed to foul plugs as much.

Best of luck

I am about 5'5" and about 110lbs. So the 150r will have more maintenance than the 85? I will be racing recreationally around a friend's track at my lake.

I have a CR85Expert and had a CR150f at one point. To compare them is like comparing apples and oranges.

I really like my 85 because it is light (at 145 lb dry) and has more and much better suspension than the 150f. The handling is better too. The power is great as long as you leave the throttle pinned. The power is okay for most mild trails, but the bike will be a handful in technical stuff and you'll end up having to abuse the clutch a lot.

I liked my 150f because the seat was low and comfy. The bike was quiet and tractable. It would climb over anything and go on any trail, no matter how nasty. I liked the kickstand and the electric starter and could go all day on a tank of gas. It was a heavy bike for it's size (214 lb) and had a very mild powerband. The suspension was harsh at high speeds and I bottomed it out easily because it only had about 9 inches of ground clearance and the 8 inches of travel could be used up quickly. Perfect for the trail, but I would never dream of getting it near a track.

Both bikes are reliable and not requiring any heroic effort as far as maintenance is concerned. I got rid of the 150 because it required a battery to get it started and I wasn't riding it very much after I got the 85. The battery needed to be kept charged, and finally I sold it.

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Sorry, but how come i will only have good power when pinned, and it will be hard to handle in the technical stuff?

I will probably put new tires on both of them (i heard stock was junk) and possibly a stiffer fork spring in the 150F.

Go with the cr dude. For the trails just feather the clutch. You wont regret it.

2 strokes forever


I also have the option of a Suzuki or a KTM if those are better...

Fouling plugs can be fixed with proper jetting. I would not rule out the YZ85 either. Any of the 85's can be great with the right jetting and gear ratio. I bought my nephew a YZ85 and changed the rear sproket to a 50 tooth. The bike was still a rocket on the top end but pick up considerable low end and made it much better for trail riding.

Ok. I'm right in the middle of a growth spurt, and would a 85 work for me even when i grow a few inches? if its not a big wheel or expert.

Where do you live in saskatchewan? And i would go with the 85 because they are cheaper on maintenance, and exspecially here in canada where bike are so expensive


Ok. Would you recomend a bigwheel or normal?

Go with a big wheel if you get the 85, or look for a kx 100 or KTM 105. My son is same height as you and he has a kx 85 and he is a little scrunched on it. I am looking into converting it to a big wheel to get another year out of it. There are things you can do to the 2 stroke to make it a little more friendly in the trails, but they are mainly made for MX and like to be open throttle.

Are you actually going in trails with like trees around them? Cause like for me trail riding down here is going through fields haha

Ok, i will see if i can find a KTM 105.

And mostly open fields when i do ride trails, but i will be doing probably 15% in the trees, yes. your height you need to look at CR85 Expert, CRF150RB (Expert) or KX100, RM85L (Big Wheel), RM100 or KTM105XC. My daughter rides a KX100 and is 5'4". Basically you are looking for 19" front wheel and 16" rear wheel with a good suspension.

I owned a CRF150F that my son learned to ride. It's great for learning and a pretty good trail bike, but wheelies and jumping are ill-advised with that bike. It is also electric start only, so if the battery is dead you cant kick start....only bump start it.

Since you have learned to ride already, i think you can handle these motocross bikes listed above. These all have about 3 times the HP as your CRF80F you learned to ride, so take it easy.

You will not foul plugs if you get it jetted right for trail riding. You might also consider a flywheel weight ( to make it a better trail rider and you can look at different combinations of front and rear sprockets to lower the gearing.

I found the CRF150R's to be much more expensive than the 85cc or 100cc two strokes and the maintenance cost is even higher.

Ok. Is there any other nice 4 strokes out there that pump out alot of power in a fairly small bike?

You are going to out grow this bike in a couple years max so I would save your money and get a 2 stroke. The bikes listed will work great and you can resell for only a small loss if you buy used. That YZ85 I had was a very clean 03, I paid 1200 and about 18 months later sold for 1200. The only money i didn't recoupe was the normal stuff. Tires, Chain, Sproket, Ect...

I have owned a cr80, kx85, and now an rm85l. These bikes have been great and for the most part problem free. If you keep up your maintenance (clean airfilter and oil) you will run into few problems. Find a good deal on a used bike then resell the bike later for the same amount or maybe even more. But overall just be happy with whichever bike you choose and have fun riding!

I rode with a guy through 2 track, he had a 150f with quite a few bbr mods, and had a hard time losing him on my 200exc...

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