Ktm 300 jet question?

I have an 01 ktm 300 mxc. with a pwk 38mm carb.

.I am in the process of changing jetting. I am at stock jets right now 45 pilot and 175 main. I have the needle at the lowest postion to lean out the mixture. it still run a bit rich . Should I go to a 172 main and put the needle in the third position?

Also the idle is a bit rich if i changed the pilot to a 42 would that be smaller or larger jet?

what needle do you have..

where is it rich,

42 pilot is a start in the right direction.

what number slide is in it,, ?

Sounds like a leaner needle maybe needed.

nog g needle

and im pretty sure its the pilot circuit

im not sure what slide is in it?

The 175 main is more than my CR500 used, seems a bit on the fat side.  I run a 160 in my 36mm at over 4500 feet, I go to a 162 at lower elevations.

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