should I put in new springs?

I have 05 450x. The bike has race tech gold valves front and back from previous owner. Bike has the stock springs. I weigh about 205 . I checked my sag and it was 111.0 , Standard race sag. To me it does well in whoops and great on flat high speed s turns. Tighter turning is a struggle like im fighting myself to make tight turns. Would bumping up the springs help? I ride desert and some mountain riding.

try dropping the forks 2-3mm in the clamps, ie make the forks poke out the top 2-3mm more.

dropping the forks is more of a band aid. Doesn't solve the issue in the tight stuff. You need stiffer spring rates the stock springs are not made for your weight. You aren't complaining but I bet your bike is riding much harsher than it could be.

I have already dropped the forks 3 mm. My bike does not feel plush. My friends stock 06 450x feels softer but limp.

his sag numbers are not bad IMO, have you tried going stiffer and softer on the compression to see if it improves?

I had my bike at a shop today. He used a sag measuring stick. His number was 130. He tightend up the shock, but said i could use the next size spring. I was picking my sons bike up from shop and he did that for me gratis. I would like to mention the shop because I was very impressed with his knowledge and he took time to answer all my dumb questions and went beyond his scope of the work order to make sure every aspect of my sons bike was up to par. Pit Pro in Newhall ca. The mechanics name is Alex. We talked about everything you guys said on this thread and then some.:smirk:

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