Chain Guides

As you know Kawasaki chain guides are not the best. TM Designworks makes a great replacement but they are super-expensive. I thought you might like to know that now Acerbis is making one that is just as good as the TM at a much lower price. I tried mine out yesterday and it is great.


Not too bad.... does it have the replaceable block? That is what sells me on the TM. Better than stock either way.

The Acerbis lasts half as long as the TM product, and costs half as much.


On my 06 I use 48, 49 or 50T rear sprockets so rear guide wear aint a huge issue. I like Acerbis block inserts because they are cheap and they work fine for me.

For sliders: In Aus, we have to buy TM Designs products from the local distributor. So the TM slider cost me $150 + $8 post. But I can buy an Acerbis slider and have it posted to me for $40. I got about 70 hrs from the TM product until it had just 1mm preventing chain metal on swing arm. On the other hand I get at least 50 hrs from the Acerbis or stock slider. So no more TM parts for me.

The stock block and slider was still on my 06 when I bought it at 50 hrs with 12/50 sprockets. I replaced them both with the cheapest I could find (Polisport) after 5 more hrs. $20 for the slider and $20 for the block. 23 hrs on them so far with minimal wear. I'm sure they wil go 50 hrs no problem with a 13/50 set. Makes TM seem overpriced IMO.

Maybe the newer bikes wear faster:confused:

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