Sag settings, not much static sag?

Hello guys! :thumbsup:

I wen't out today to set my sag on my yamaha yz450F 05, before i started i knew that my springs were to soft for my weight, i am about 225,

i got my rider sag at 9,5 mm so i thought it would be fine, but know i'm reading that i have to check my static sag to know if my spring is right,

i dont got any static sag, so i quess i have to buy a stiffer spring,

but my question really is, what would happen if i run my bike with no static sag? would i do any damage to it, og would it kick me off on a lip of a jump? or something like that?

Are you sure your linkage and shock bearings are in good order? I also assume you mean 9.5cm and not 9.5mm?

Jep, linkage are good :thumbsup: cleaned and greased for 10 hours ago, and sure i mean 9,5 cm :confused:

Why do you think something should be wrong with my linkage? :worthy:

Because the stock spring that came on the bike is setup for someone in the ~170lb range. So if you have 0 static sag that means the spring rate is much much lower. With a number like that it pointed to a linkage or bearing problem.

Change your rider sag to 105mm and see what your static sag comes out to.

i'll try that, but when the OEM spring rate is for a person to 170lb and i am 225lb, its logic that i have to put much preload on the spring to get the right rider sag, and therefore no static sag, the bike just stays up it does not settle down :thumbsup:

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