Exhaust header weld

I keep hearing about this dreaded "exhaust header weld" but I can't see where this may be...where the exhaust meets the muffler? Where it leaves the engine? Inside? Outside? Visible without tools? Does every DR have this?

You must remove the header pipe from the engine to see the weld. It's inside the pipe where it meets the cyclinder. There are tons of pictures if you do a search.

It's where the pipe is welded(inside)to the flange that is bolted the head.I have grinded the weld down myself.If you grind it down to much it will crack and break.From what I have read,this is a feel good mod.The ex port is smaller than the header pipe and there is NO ill effect from leaving it there.Dyno charts included.But yeah the welding on it could have been more uniform other then the globs here and there.





About 60% more area and no flow disruption.

I only smoothed my weld down, didn't cut it flat as shown above and the pipe weld let loose on a trip. Left me worrying about burning up a valve on the way back but managed to have a shop weld a few snot wads on it to get me home.

Within a few months I popped the spark arrester cone also. I guess that FCR, HC piston and 2bros pipe really cranked the motor up! I might actually buy a new High flow headpipe for shits and giggles, the farkle factor would increase :smirk: but doubt the hp would very much if at all. I still like the farkly powerbomb thing but the $ may keep me stock as I need new springs.

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