KLX 140 starting problems

I have been chasing this issue for 6 months now,The bike runs perfect for 2 rides or so, then , It will not start, or stay running,It acts like a clogged pilot jet, And each time i remove the float bowl, clean the pilot , It starts right up, runs great for a couple rides , Then back to the same old not wanting to start issue! I have a fuel filter on the bike and have flushed the tank, so i know its not the fuel, I replaced the pilot jet with a 40 , Thought i had it all fixed! Well, went to start it and it did it again! This time i inspected the jets , but they were clear? I may have been chasing the wrong issue all along! I think now it might be float related, Maybe a bad float needle, or something along those lines? Every time i have removed the float bowl and put it back together , It has fired right up and ran perfect for a couple rides! I am 47 years old, this is my wifes bike. I would appreciate any help or comments! Its basicly a intermitent starting issue.

Clean the tip of the float needle and also the seat. If the needle sticks in the seat you will not get any fuel.

I had one that stuck a couple of times and it never happened once I cleaned it real well.

Ok, I will try cleaning the float needle tip, and seat, and i will inspect very well, thanks for the helpful reply.

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