Fork seal question

So I was at the track yesterday and noticed my fork seals were leaking... I never noticed them leaking before that day, so Im not sure when they started, I would of thought I'd notice it...but anyway, I cleaned them out at the track with a piece of film and they stopped leaking so far. Should I still replace the seals? Bike is a 07 CRF250R with maybe 20 hours on the suspension. Thanks

If you've rode since cleaning them and they're not leaking - IMO, why replace something that's performing adequately? On the other hand, if you have a very important race/event coming up, and want a little extra insurance, a complete fork service wouldn't be a bad idea, but surely not mandatory.

ride emm till they leak man no point in extra work and money

What he said. Sometimes all they need is a good cleaning and the leak will stop. Didn't happen for me though, after cleaning mine still leaked. I replaced it myself with some help from fellow thumpers on this forum. Not that tough...


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