Need help, bike won't start

I am working on a 2002 DRZ 400e for my boss. He has been complaining that every time he hit a bump the thing would stall. The last two times he went out the bike stalled in the exact same spot. We thought it was electrical at first, but then thought it was not getting enough gas. I checked the petcock, and been through the carb. I put everything back together, now I can't get it to start. It will start for a few seconds, but when I let off of the started button it dies. Any ideas?

you checked the micro switch isnt faulty on the side stand switch/clutch switch if it has one ????

There is no switch on the side stand. It does have a switch on the cluth, but it turns over fine with the clutch pulled in.

Does it have spark? If the kickstand switch has been removed be sure the wires are right. Air filter ok? Is it on a hill when it dies? May be a float level problem.....try squirting gas into carb and trying to start it....if it starts for a few seconds it a fuel problem. Are you sure jets aren't plugged? Also take your gas cap off and try starting. All lines hooked up to carb properly? Has it been sitting or have bad gas? Has it ever had a valve adjust?'s easy to stick them and see if they are right. Bad valve adjustment can cause hard starting.

A mere bump in the road will/should not cause the bike to stall.

If it has a clutch interlock switch, it has or had a kickstand one. Verify it is disabled properly.

Another fault can be wiring as it passes the steering neck.

Not the carb.

It has spark. Apparently the lights need to be on to get spark. It has had a baja designs kit intalled. I can get it to fire, but only as long as I have the starter button depressed. Seems like it looses spark when I let go of the starter button.

check the wiring harness where it passes the steering head.

If you have a test light confirm that you are getting power on the orange wire of the CDI plug all the time if the key is on. The key needs to be on as the switched power (orange) that the key turns on powers both the lights and the CDI. If you were to add another switch that turns off the lights when unneeded it would be fine.

wiring diagram E drz400e_2000on.jpg

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