My brother is a Marine stationed in Jacksonville NC, he just moved off base and the ONE night he leaves his bike outside, it gets got. Hes filed a police report but i have little faith in the cops worrying about a stolen bike since they know as well as you or I that it'll be parted out in no time. PLEASE keep your eyes peeled for anyone selling parts, this bike was brand new, 750 miles.

2009 SM, all stock except for a DG slip-on. he had removed the tool bag and put some led lights on the rear but thats about it.


I hate hearing about these low life scum bags that have to steal. I would check creigs list everyday as well as ebay. Was it insured?

sorry to hear that,hope they catch the thieves and they die in hell for what they have done...

as said above these storys are so bad to hear,some horrible thieves have had 4 people on the uk forums bikes stolen recently.

yes it was insured, and i plan on scouring CL and fleabay hoping to catch one of these hood rats trying to make a dirty buck

Use as it'll search all craigslist listing across the country. Save you some time. I hope your brother and his marine buddies find whoever stole it before the cops do. Give the lowlife a good lesson on being nice. Good luck.

yeah, searchtempest and craigs-list-search are also nationwide CL search engines. but who know if these jibronis even know how to go about parting out a bike?? i worked at a bike shop once and some 14 yo stole a customers ktm 250 and was riding it around his trailer park at 2 am, neighbors called the cops, kicker is, the trailer park was less than a mile from the shop! briliant...

Have him post pics in the surrounding area, like food stores, covenience stores, etc.

I will keep my eyes open. I live about an hour away from Jacksonville.

awesome, thanks jtiv, ha i also told him to make a big ass sign and say $500 cash reward for info on the stolen bike, one of those clowns would sell a buddy out in a heartbeat for 500 bucks!

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