2008 kx450f front fork

I am new to the dirt bike scene. I have ridden and raced atvs for years but just recently got a Dirt bike. I had the fork seals replaced at a local bike shop but the fork bows seems to be overly stiff. The clickers are set completely to soft (this is how they returned from the shop) but the bike still feels like a rock upon landing. Where do I go from here? Thanks for any help.

do a search for fork alignment as it sounds like that's the problem

The shop that did the seals probably have the oil hight too high. Take the forks off, remove the air bleed screws. Hold the fork upside down and drain 10cc of oil from each leg. Set your clickers to standard settings and test. If you find it too soft, you can always add 5cc of oil back (through the same bleed holes).

Firstly I would try to set die comp clickers to standard.

Perhaps this is your problem, because the fork is to stiff, because it is to soft =)

sounds crazy :smirk: But could be !

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