Injury question

i was flying though the woops on a 125cc 2 stroke, came into the corner way too fast, and got thrown off that bike down a 6ft hill and landed right on my shoulder then slammed head into ground,

Was real disoriented and didn't even know which direction to go once i got back on the bike,

This happened yesterday, i am fine today, but my shoulder from what i can tell is seperated cause i have the lump on top, that my other shoulder does not have.

My question is do i need to go to a doctor? does it need to be popped back into place? i have a good range of motion, up down, side to side, when i try moving my shoulder up it hurts right where the lump is,

Any suggestions? i read that i just need to heal up for 2-3 weeks but im not sure if it needs to be popped back into place?

we arent doctors,you have the wrong forum dude !!! lol

common sense should tell you to go to the er and get checked out for head trauma and possible internal injuries.

Take two of these...


...and call me in the morning... :thumbsup:

Sounds like what happened to me years ago. If its separated it can not be

"popped" back into place, that's dislocated. You should definitely see a doctor.

My collar bone was separated from the shoulder at the ligaments. It needed to

be immobilized to heal.

Sounds like you need to see a Dr. I had a posterior shoulder dislocation from a nasty high side. Its not something that's just gonna heal and wasn't an enjoyable injury.

Given that you have full range of motion I doubt you are dislocated. More likely you either have a AC (acromio-clavicular) joint separation or a clavicle fracture. Both are typically treated with a arm sling and pain meds, however if a clavicle fx is "tenting" the skin it does sometimes require surgical reduction. If you go to your doctor or the ER they will take a xray and put you in a sling but you will also then be plugged into the system for follow up if needed.

Ice and motrin several times a day and be sure to do some passive ROM in the shoulder so you don't freeze up your shoulder.

Good Luck

The concussion symptoms sound like a bigger risk to long term happiness than the shoulder.

tpot, and all other replies thanks a lot,

Went to er, Class 2 ac seperation or something like that,

said rotator cuff looks a little worse then he likes, but it should heal,

Arm is in a sling for 7 days then he said to start moving it around light

stretches etc, see how it feels and if still painful back in sling for 7 more days

so on and so on, he said it can take up to 2 months for pain to fully go away,

This might help with understanding "Class 2 ac seperation or something like that, "

The trick is you want it moving as soon as possible so that things don't tighten up, but without moving it to much before the ligaments have time to start joining or with enough force to damage them again as they heal. Follow the doctors directions well.

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