Removing clutch

I need to remove the clutch from my pit bike so I can replace a broken spring. I have the right springs but I can't get them on without removing this centrifugal clutch. Only problem is I can't seem to get it off. What tool should I use for this thing


Front on view

So what you guys think? I don't want to pay a mechanic since it's a small job and don't want to have to spend anymore money on this play thing. It really is just a 50cc pit bike that I keep around for kicks and giggles. It's not worth anything. So how can I pop this thing off so I can fix her???

To me, it looks like you just have to remove the retainers on those master-link like things and the weights/shoes should pull right off...

you think that's all I have to remove. I just don't want to break the retainers. I was thinking I had to remove the whole thing but nothing fits the middle piece. It's a gear where I haven't seen a gear before. usually it would be a simple bolt there. but nothing fits to pull this thing off. I'll try to remove the retainers and master-links. Thanks for the advice I'll post if it helps or not.

Yeah it came right off, thanks Lead Head.

Having some trouble getting those retainers back on and the clutch won't make the wheel spin when I try by hand. I disassembled it again and am going to work more on it tmr. Any more advice would be appreciated.

The outer housing is what would make the transmission spin.

Haven't written you back but I did fix the clutch a few days ago. Some more work on other things before I get this thing running but I wanted to thank you lead head. :smirk:

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