WR250F What to do, what to do?

See the previous post for background.

I have an '06 WR250F. I measured my valves and they are tight. The intakes are right at .10, range .10-.15. I believe the exhaust valves are at .15 when they should be between .17-.22. The .20 would not even go in, and I have no gauge between .15 and .20.

I bought the bike with 35 easy hours on it. That was the last valve check. The bike now has 120, A-level off-road, hours on it. It runs great, no noises, hiccups or problems.

My question is, should I;

a. adjust the valves and keep riding

b. adjust the valves, replace timing chain, keep riding

c. rebuild top end, stock

d. install big-bore kit, Kibblewhite valves, etc.

I want reliability and no increase in maintenance, as seen above.

Of course, money is tight for everyone and I do not want to spend more than what is necessary. I do not enjoy digging that deep into the motor, but if I must, I want to make it worth the while. Capisce?

If it's the first time for the bike adjusting the valves, I say shim the valves and keep riding

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