A couple of newb questions

I'm looking at a DRZ400SM for my 15 mile round trip to work, BMW 1100rt is a bit overkill. I'm spoiled by all of the spare electrons the BMW has (600 watts), I love my heated grips and Gerbing heated gear. I understand that the DRZ has a 200 watt stator, how many watts does the engine need for ignition etc?

Planning on doing FCR 39 carb, 3x3 airbox and maybe E cams, what is the quietest aftermarket pipe that gives decent power gain, I outgrew loud pipes 30 years ago.

Also can a kickstarter be added as a back-up on an e-start bike?


Figure you have 100 watts to spare. Time to think tough to get a killer grin.

Stock E system is the only quiet one. Other systems that make more sound are not that much more powerful. Pretty much it is run stock or all out, stupid loud and powerful (SSW/MRD or the Yosh Ti).

Yup, kick start kit is about $200 for the parts.

FMF Q4 header and pipe are probably the "quietest" pipe while still giving you a little more power than stock. But like William said, don't expect a huge increase. If you do all the mods you listed with at least an E model exhaust system, you'll basically have an E model motor and power.

you still need the E cyl base gasket to get the E's compression.

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