New piston,rings..whats your favorite break in?

The weather is crap here (Ohio). Just wrapped up my top end and have the bike back together. What's your favorite procedure to brake it in?

I am waiting for the weather to break so I can ride a while...

A couple of thoughts:

When you first fire it up, crack the banjo bolt on the oil line that supplies the head and make sure that oil is flowing. Horror stories abound of new engines that self-destruct due to the oiling system not being primed. You can manage several miles on the bike before it grinds up the top end if it is not oiling. MAKE SURE!

Once you are certain that it is oiling... roll it out on the street and hammer on it. Several runs at at least half throttle through first, second and third gears. Put about 50 miles on it this way (don't get arrested) and then bring it home and dump the oil and filter. The next couple hundred miles... ride normally, but try to avoid running at one throttle setting for long periods. Alter your speeds, shift up and down (ride like a hooligan). Change the oil and filter again and then be happy!

After much reading, that's how I broke mine in and it seems to have worked well (it was fun, if nothing else and did not seem to hurt anything).

Yup......agree with Thumpnred there..........DO NOT let it idle too long,warm it up and ride it like he said.....being too easy on new rings will cause a glazed cylinder and oil consumption.


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