06 klx 110 pitbike need sugestions

i just bought a 2006 klx 110 it has renthal bars and a fmf muffler. im 150lbs and im using this as my pitbike, im looking to upgrade the suspension. im going to use this on a small track-10-15 foot table tops, the woops are only maby a foot tall. im looking to just get a bigger shock on the stock swing arm to increase the suspension travel and make it stiffer, any suggestions on the shock? looking to spend around 150$-200$ im 16 so im on a bugget, i was hoping to get the shock and eventually get kx 60-65 forks or should i just get stiffer fork springs?, let me know what you think about my ideas and shock suggestions. thanks!

You can get aftermarket rear shock that will be stiffer and give you about an inch or two more travel for a couple hundred. Try Tbolt

pick up a used works or elka shock and some kx60 forks.

Before you get a new shock, get a frame cradle from T-Bolt before you rip the pegbar out of the bottom of your engine cases while jumping. Best money ever spent. A lot cheaper than replacing engine cases. And here's a good link for KLX suspension upgrades. (just close the stupid pop-ups, good info underneath)

KLX 110 Suspension Chart. Edited by John Falkenthal



Another exclusive T-Bolt part that will save your rear fender from fat friends. And makes loading/unloading a lot easier:



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