First mx race!

Well I finally got to race last night at earlywine mx:banana: I guess I will tell you about my whole night. Well I got thier and I was nervous as crap:lame: and I about crapped on my self:lol: So I went out thier on my first practice on the c/d unlimited class and I done horrible I was tense and I was shaking in my arms and I was gripping on the handlebars way to hard causing arm pumps:banghead: so I went into the first seat of whoops and I crashed into the railing:lol: and then I got right back up and got on then went to hit a double which I previously had hit one week before the race and I forgot to pull the clutch in the air and caused me too go out on the other side of the track and then I about got ran over:smirk: so I was so mad at my self because I knew that I could do better then what I was doing so I went around the track again and then my front end washed out and caused me to crash again:foul: So this is was all on the first lap so I was like screw this about just walked off the track because I was looking like a fool out thier but instead I just paced my self around the track and finally got off.

So my dad came over thier and talked to me and what happened to you? I said I am to nervous to do anything I just dont feel right, so he said just pace yourself and take your time and be loose. So I went out for my first practice for the 250 d beginner so I went out thier and done some what better did not crash, and did not feel as nervous or as tight so overall I done alot better, but I was still upset because I knew I could ride a whole lot better so I got off the track and then came my first race:eek:

So I went to the starting gates and just prayed that I could make it through the race without looking like a fool and then all a sudden the gate dropped and I came into the first turn and done fine and pretty much I done alright I did not finish last I got 7th out of 8th. After that I still thought to my self like Im riding like crap so I was like screw it Im going to ride relaxed and just ride like my self.

So next comes up the c/d unlimited class, I went up to the starting gate and thought I cand do this, I got alot better start on the starting gate I Was like 3rd into the first corner and I held my ground pretty good until I came up onto the biggest jump thier and I lost a position, I end up doing alot better about like what I thought I should be riding I ended coming in 4th out of 9th.

I pretty much told you the whole day thier the only thing that I pretty much forgot to mention which is probably the biggest conquer is that I hit the biggest jump thier and cleared it:p I really enjoyed racing I will be for sure to go race more and hopefully not be as nervous, and I got 5th overall on the 250 d beginner and 6th overall on the c/d unlimited. Sorry for the lengthy type just wanting to tell you all how the day went.

Thanks for all replies :thumbsup:

Thats Awesome I was a little nervous to but then i thought to myself im having fun screw the other guys Hahahaha! But keep on racing and Have Fun

Well...? Did you have fun?

Yes I did I really enjoyed, but at first I hated it.

After watching your vid, I may have felt the same way Aaron!!! Quite the track for a first race... it will get better and sure beats spectating.

Yeah, it was.

Yeah, it was.

You took a video? could you post link id like to watch

Yeah sure can, here it is. Not very good but this is all I got.

Do you go there much and practice? That will help alot. I haven't hit the big jump there yet but next time I go back I am hitting it. I never raced there, just practiced.

I have went thier three times total man, and the other times were practice I may go this saturday and practice. Were are you from?

As long as you are riding and having fun dont worry about what "others" think

Yeah very true Rm but thier was some old people at pratice talking crap about me and it makes me mad it strives me too be a better rider.

Just getting out there and racing for the first time is a pretty major hurdle. It gets easier with every single race after that one. Glad to hear you stepped up and signed up. :smirk:

what part of kentucky are you from? im in south west come yall aint racing out doors already? racing has been going on for 2 months down here and arencross ended 3 months ago.....if you aint to far from me you should come race some of our tracks...they are new rider sky high jumps and huge doubles....there are 100ft table tops but you dont have to clear them.

As long as you are riding and having fun dont worry about what "others" think

Amen to that :smirk: We're far from pros, just out to have some fun :smirk:

I live about 30 mins away from ashland and 45 mins away from morehead. Also i was grounded from my dirtbike for a month

o nvm you a good deal away from 30minutes south of paducha

I have went thier three times total man, and the other times were practice I may go this saturday and practice. Were are you from?

I'm in Ashland,Ky. Takes me about an hour and 45min to get to earlywine.

I will make you this promise: It will be one of the races - if not thee race - that you will remember best for the rest of your life. I loved reading your story...It was GREAT!!!I tell my boys two things at the line every time: Try hard and have fun. You clearly did both. You obviously learned a lot and had enough enough fun to share with us. Don't EVER give old guys talking crap another thought. Because there are 10 of us old guys (that you don't see or hear from) that are cheering you on.

I am proud of you...Good job and keep on going!!!

Thanks man, I really appericate the encouragement droussey I could use it.

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