rebuilding 02 crf450r, found burnt marks on con rod

hey guys,

so I bought a 02 crf450r with a worn out top end (shims were smallest possible size) so my plan is to get the whole head redone and put in a new piston. However after pulling the piston off I found these scorch marks inside the connecting rod. Does this mean I need a new rod? The upper half of the rod appears to be much darker than the bottom too.:thumbsup::confused:




the rod also has a bit of left to right play... no up and down. thats what you want right?

anyways can I get some input on this.. thanks:thumbsup:

you really need to to use your manual and measure the amount of play with feeler gauges. The journal you're showing in the picture looks very suspect. If you have any doubt you should replace it, especially if you are going to all the trouble to make the top end nice and new again

looks like a new crank the plating is gone on the small end but dont take my word for it measure it

if you wan't to do it right and have the best chance of it lasting a while you should put in a new crank and main bearings & seals and balancer shaft bearings & seals , it has to be way over the recomended hrs

Guess im in for a bottom end job as well. what tools do i need to buy to do the bottom end?? case splitter,clutch holder, flywheel puller, and a crank puller/installer?

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