New ride

Hey guys,

New member and new to dirt biking, been lurking on this site ever since i got my first bike, 2011 Ktm 200 xcw.

Just wanted to say hello and thank you all for ton of good information I got out of here so far.

So far learning how to ride and its been tough and pleasant experience so far.

Learning to ride in Squamish, BC is not easy but rewarding.

Happy to be part of this great sport so far.

Welcome fellow TT'er!!!

Welcome to our little band of misfits! Great bike and get us some pics!!


Here is the recent one, have not been taking any pictures. Trying to keep it

secret from the parents still. I'm not that young anymore, but they are already under stress from me involved in skiing, downhill biking, kite surfing and now dirt biking... Been blessed with a lot of free time on my hands :thumbsup:


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