DR Mark. wrist fracture ?(UPDATE MAY 18th (NEW X-RAYS) PLEASE HAVE A LOOK!)

I broke my wrist(undisplaced radial styliod) 3 1/2 weeks ago and I am thinking about asking if I can have my cast removed and get a half cast (just bottom half of my cast) so I can start to work on range of motion. I do not want to do anything other then that until given the bone is healed properly(told 6 weeks at hospital) but feel it will help get me going quicker once it is healed. is this reasonable & possible after 4 weeks or should i wait 6 weeks to have short cast removed?

Sorry healthy 37 year old male





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I would have treated that with a removable off the shelf wrist brace.

To be honest I had my doubts that it was broken many times(you still think its broken right?). Crashed and wrist was sore but took few hours to start to swell.

had wrist looked at a hospital in British columbia(was at out of province race)next day was swollen still, had xrayed at hospital I did not get xrays(asked for them and was told to just tell my doctor that was an undisplaced radial styliod) , but was told to get xrayed a week later to see if was displaced.

within 36-48 hours of injuring I had no more swelling that I could tell under cast. went to see my doctor 4 days later and was told to get xrayed on monday (9days after original injury)

Had xrayed(ones I posted, I got on disk from Xray facility) and went back to my doctor she did not look at xrays, but called xray facility and asked for report.

They stated " A Non-displaced fracture of radial styliod is partialy visualized due to overlying cast material.Fragments maintain anatomic alignment. Healing is poorly assesed through the overlying artifact from cast".

I have had full strenght in finger,no pain at all except was sore first day before went to hospital.

I think I will go have cast removed and re x-rayed and see if i can get a brace or half cast.

Is 3 1/2 weeks to early to start flexing wrist for range of motion?

Well here is a update

Monday tried to goto medi center to get cast cut off(5hr wait)

Cut cast off myself, wrist stiff but not swollen at all

Today went by clinic and was not busy so had wrist x-rayed

This is what was found

Right Click(choose view image) to make larger



And here is report


If I read the report(and I may not be) they can't find anything wrong and suggest looking for something that was not there in original diagnosis.

doc told me to wear my half cast i kept from when i cut it off but why would i do that if there now is not a confirmed break?

Dr Mark whats your take on this?

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I think you need to consult a doctor , I believe that a professional doctor can diagnose the symptoms and recommend the proper recommendation...

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