Hello all, I just put trail wings on my 650r-301 and 302. The rear is a 4.60 but it sure looks small. Is this the right size or did I buy the wrong size?Any one used these? Thanks for any help.

I was just skimming over a few threads and saw the "tw302" and had this real un easy fealing.

I ride mostly off road and that Bridgestone TW 302 would be one of the worst tires I have ever used.

Sorry dude, but I got absolutely zero hook up on that POS. I used to hate climbing hills with that thing, no traction at all just slip slide'n everywhere:foul:.

I'm sure it'll be fine if you do a lot of road miles, but it's no fun in the dirt. Can't help with the size but good luck with it:thumbsup:

Ya, the 650 r with a 460 is a bit small , But it probly won't matter as long as you stay on the road.:smirk:

I really like my new 908RR for the dual sporting. It's not real tall on the knobs but it's about 12" wide.:banana:and hooks up well on the hard dirt roads.

The tire might look small, but it is likely just what you want on the pavement. Tires that look right are too big for proper street preformance. On the dirt maybe not.

What is the general consensus on this tire(TW302), current tire is stock TW52

What is the general consensus on this tire(TW302), current tire is stock TW52

It really depends on what you want to do, how much off road vs on road?

As I mentioned earlier, I really didn't like the TW302, BUT I ride 95% mostly off road therefore there are better tires for me.

Some DOT choices:

75-95% off road, just has to be legal: Michelin AC10 or Pirelli XCMH

50-75% off road: Pirelli MT21 or Dunlop D606.

25-50% off road: TW302 etc.

That's roughly how I would look at tires depending on what I am doing. Sure everyone else has there favourite tire but in my corner of the world terraflex, continental, irc's etc. are rarely mentioned.

At the end of the day, have a good understanding with yourself as to what sort of riding your going to do, if you commute to work & back 5 days a week and do a 50-100 mile round trip = 250-500 miles a week, why would you get a 95% dirt tire when a more road orrientated tire is a better choice?

Or if your like me and ride mostly off road for leisure why get a TW302 unless you got sold a tire by a salesman that doesn't reallt suit your needs (my story) :smirk: ?

My $0.002 on the tire story:ride:

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