best shifting method

on a 2003 yz85 what is the best method to shift

clutch without closing throttle

no clutch and close throttle

never close throttle and no clutch




i would always use the clutch. when i start to ride hard i usualy go full throttle, pull clutch quickly and upshift all while having the throttle wide open still.

Powershift. Its not great on the bike, but its the fastest way to shift.

Powershifting has been debated over and over again. Nobody has actually proven that it harms your tranny. Yes some say my gears grenaded but nobody can actually prove it to be from that. On my 2 strokes I only use the clutch to stop and start, and when i need to use it to smooth out the power in ruts or corners. Every other time I either just downshift without it, or i'll chop the throttle from maybe WFO to 3/4 and the tranny will upshift like butter. Smoother then if you even pulled the clutch and rolled completely off.

When ever you upshift you should nip the clutch. This is because the tranny has a lot of tension on the gears when you're on the power. Leaving the throttle on or off is optional. When you want the most out of the engine's power, like on the start straight, leave it open.

The clutch is not needed when downshifting because there is very little if any tension on the tranny.

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