2009 WR300 suspension settings

Does anyone know the stock suspension setting for a 2009 WR300 with the 50mm Marzocchi forks.

The shim stacks or just the stock rebound and compression settings?

The stock rebound and compression settings.

The stock stuff sucks! Just spend the money and get factory connection springs! It is a night and day difference.

I have them written down and will post them as soon as i can get to it. Just got back to the States.


Thane how much do you weigh and what rate springs did you end up with?

Forgot about this thread.....

I'm 200# and ended up with 5.6 and .48 for the fork springs.

2009 WR300 stock clicker settings:


Compression = 12 clicks out from closed

Rebound = 12 clicks out from closed


High speed = max open

low speed = 15 clicks out from closed

Rebound = 15 clicks out from closed

Sounds like the usual 'right in the middle approach'

I usually end up with full soft compression and about 2/3 out on the rebound for the woods. After having my stuff revalved and resprung I have it close to the same... soft compression and middle ground rebound. The 09' stuff is awesome after a competent tuner can fix it. Very good stuff IMO.

How much does your High speed adjuster move? Does it only move that 1/4" amount?

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