did i toast my clutch?

1999 yz400 riding in the dunes when I noticed it felt like my clutch. Was slipping. Turned around to go back and on the next hill I had nothing. No gear grabs and the oil smells burnt. Had to get towed out and I noticed if the bike was in gear it would lock up the. Rear tire. So I'm wondering which part of my clutch is now bad? Sorry sending this off my cell

clutch plates are probably shot. It still has some holding power when rolling the bike.....but with the bike putting power through it can not hold at all.

Ya it will drag the rear tire if its in gear but if I start it and throttle down in any gear it does nothing. Well... on the pavement I can walk it but ya it feels like the clutch isn't grabbing

When / why would I need to change the basket and pressure plate and springs?

prolly a clutch kit with all the plates will do itfrom past experience springs dont take much damage start with a an investigation then go order new parts

Thanks, I'll tear into it this week and see what kind of issues I come up with. Need to get the bike fixed for memorial weekend. :-)

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